Jumelle, formally known as the Johnson sisters, were born to Antonia and Terry Johnson on November 2nd, 1978 on the Island of St. Maarten Netherlands Antilles. At the tender age of 11, the twins became the youngest members of their local senior church choir. Having a natural talent for music they continued to sing on their own and in different musical groups. Their talents gave them ample opportunities to compete in various musical competitions as well as winning numerous awards. As they got older, their desire for competition began to change as they were called to music ministry.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, they started writing and composing music. At age 14, they began working on their first demo; which surprisingly got lots of attention from the community. The Demo raised the demand for an album. In 1995 their first album released entitled "Believe in a Better Day", which received rave reviews and gave the group many opportunities to minister throughout the Caribbean and parts of the United States.

In 2001 they released another CD, entitled " Refuge". They have continued to do God's work throughout the Caribbean and the United States through accepting many invitations to various events. They have been able to work well with young people eager to pursue their dreams in the field of music. Jumelle received the 2002 Caribbean Gospel Marlin Music Award for outstanding group vocal performance of the year in Nassau Bahamas. The award was received for their hit song " The Lord Keeps Blessing Me" from their album "Refuge". They are currently working on their 3rd project, which is to be released in 2008. Jumelle plans to go international and continue to write songs of encouragement and of God's good news. The twins have collectively furthered their education in Music Education at Florida A&M University and Video & Radio production at New England's Institute of Technology. They hope to someday share the stage with the world's greatest gospel ministers and continue to minister the word of God through song.